NRAS Funding

Seed-FundingAt Better Mortgage Solutions we specialise in the entire NRAS investing process and can help you with your NRAS purchase. We offer a wide range of solutions and work with a number of NRAS funders who can not only help you find NRAS properties but we also can help you find a funder that accepts NRAS investment properties as security. Some of the ways we help with NRAS investments include:

NRAS Lending

NRAS Lending is a highly specialised type of lending and requires very specific knowledge to be done properly. From understanding the NRAS process to knowing key credit criteria differences for each NRAS lender, Better Mortgage Solutions can help you choose an appropriate lender.

Without a specialised finance broker, you will have to try and find lenders that cater to specific income requirements and understand each lender’s policies, how they treat income from rentals, and much more; at Better Mortgage Solutions we take care of everything for you. This allows us to structure your loan to fit your needs.

NRAS Lenders

If you are trying to secure a loan and use a property as security it is important to know that not every lender will allow the use of NRAS investment properties. Lenders that will accept NRAS properties as securities may have different credit requirements which can present unique aspects for securing an NRAS loan.

Without knowing the different facets of an NRAS loan and the requirements of individual lenders, you could put yourself at risk of not getting a loan that suits your needs. If you currently have a broker but they are not familiar with NRAS or lack experience, it is best to find someone who does.

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